Feedback on coaching niche, follow up Q

Thanks so much for your feedback on the freelance business writer weight loss niche! To answer your question, here is their dream result:

• You walk into your closet and get to choose whatever you feel like wearing that day, because it all fits! No more pretending your webcam is broken because you love the way you look.
• And because you don’t think about food all the time anymore, you have a ton of mental energy to spend however you choose. Want to double your business? Learn a new skill? Take daily walks with the puppies or the family? Sure, you’ve got time for that.
• Plus—the mental skills you build as you get a handle on your eating are your ticket to all sorts of outcomes. Got a goal you think is impossible? The meta skills you’ll get from this program make out-of-reach goals incredibly doable.

And can you please tell me if the niche I described in my earlier post is TOO narrow?

Thanks so much!