Feedback on my First Ever Consult Call for Six-Week Program

Yesterday, I had my first ever consult call for my 6-week paid coaching program. I’m proud of myself for doing it and grateful for getting to this point. I think it went well, but I did not get a definitive “yes.”

I coached her on what was potentially holding her back from asking for more responsibility at work. I transitioned to the offer pretty well. When I named the price, I stayed silent and waited for her to respond. She didn’t scoff at the price or the fact that I don’t offer payment plans, which I previously coached myself on to be confident about.

She said that she definitely wanted to work with me but that she wanted to start in March (2 weeks) so she could budget it. I told her that I understood but that I would only hold the spot for her for 48 hours. I explained that because I work full-time, I can only take one or two clients per month and I have to keep the spots open for people who are ready to work with me now.

I am questioning whether that’s the “correct” way to do this. If she can come up with the money on the 1st, would it have been better to hold it open until she had the money? Does that keep her in “maybe”? Was that an objection I should have tried to overcome? I don’t feel regret or any intense negative emotions when I ask these questions. More curiosity. When I am doing consult calls, I want to be firm in the time limit and honor the potential client’s ability to figure it out and pay me within 48 hours. But could being flexible be helpful in getting paid clients into my program?