Feedback on my niche….

I help high-achieving women rediscover their life purpose and find the clarity, confidence, and courage to consciously create the life of their dreams.

This can help with health: their mental health is definitely struggling with lack of purpose. Wealth – they can move into better jobs or create businesses.

I know “life of their dreams” isn’t specific. I don’t want to say “land your dream job!” or “create your dream business!”. Do I have to say one of those things? The outcome I really want to help people with is mental health. I want people to help people learn that their dream business or dream job isn’t going to give them happiness, and I want to show them how to create happiness. I want to help them find their purpose, and then create a life that reflects it.

They would google something like “how to find my life purpose” or “why am I not happy even though I’m successful” or “why am I depressed when my life looks good” or “why aren’t I happier despite success?” or “how to get a better job”

What is my solution to their problem and why is it compelling? Well, I have no idea! I don’t even know how to answer this question. I’d use a process that combines the Model and a therapy modality called Internal Family Systems therapy and would ‘removing all that is in the way of your true self’. I personally don’t believe people need to add anything, they just need to get out of the way of what’s NOT them.

Does this sound too esoteric and vague? I don’t want to sell something tangible – I don’t want to help people “land their dream jobs!” or “eliminate anxiety for good!”.

Any insights?