Feedback on my niche + communicating it

Hello! I would like feedback on whether or not I have gotten specific enough with my niche AND I have a question about communicating it properly.

My niche:

I help highly sensitive women in midlife stop people pleasing so they can create the life they’ve always imagined.

My question:

Do I need to directly communicate all of those individual aspects (highly sensitive, midlife, women) or can those elements just come through the general language I use when creating results ahead of time?

The specific element I feel unsure about communicating directly is the midlife part. I feel like that is a given because midlife tends to be when we naturally start to realize that people pleasing does not create positive outcomes. And I don’t care so much about how old they are, just that they are at the point in their awareness that they are ready to stop people pleasing and start making themselves happy.

Thank you!