Feedback on niche


I’ve completed the niche worksheet and target market podcast. I would appreciate your feedback on what I created. Is this specific enough?

I help management-level corporate moms who have younger children and who feel overwhelmed and inadequate as they try to balance career, family, and personal goals.

The problems I solve are:
1) FEEL LIKE A FAILURE AT HOME – Overcoming overwhelm – There isn’t enough time to possibly handle all of my responsibilities and I don’t even know where to start.
2) FEEL LIKE A FAILURE AT WORK – How do I continue my career trajectory when I get pulled away to handle kid’s sick days and activities. I’m not seen as pulling my own weight or as ambitious/reliable anymore.
3) I CAN’T GET IT ALL TOGETHER – When one area of life is going well, the other areas of life tend to fall apart. How can I possibly keep all of these balls in the air?

I help them through productivity coaching.
1) identifying core goals and focus, so priorities are crystal clear
2) putting repeatable systems in place to manage high-value activities
3) developing a plan to delegate the lower-value activities
4) build the mindset required to transform these systems into habits

And, on the niche worksheet, I am not sure which of the 3 categories best applies? I’m thinking it fits both wealth and relationships. Can a niche be in more than one category?

Thank you!