Feedback on this coaching niche, please!

Female freelance business writers (who serve primarily corporate clients) over 35 who want to lose at least 30 pounds and:
• Are full-time freelancers who make minimum $100K (their income is responsible for at least 30% of household income (i.e., they count on it for household expenses—this is not “nice-to-have” money).
• Work on their own in their homes (kitchen is nearby).
• Would NEVER choose to go back to work in corporate – LOVE their independence, flexibility, autonomy .
• Are one-woman businesses – handle sales, marketing, accounting, HR, production – who can quickly learn new content to serve their clients.
• Wear yoga pants and t shirts all day because that’s all that fits but no one will see them so what does it matter?

Their problem/source of pain:
• The constant presence of nearby food and the absence of witnesses make it easy to overeat.
• The freedom to wear what they want used to be a benefit of the freelance life; now they wonder if hiding out in their home office makes it harder for them to change.
• They procrastinate with eating – much more pleasurable than writer’s block – and use it to handle stress – “I have so much to do; I deserve a treat.”
• They have no time/interest in exercise.
• They can handle any business challenge thrown at them but can’t seem to handle their relationship with food.
• Are tired of thinking about this – have tried and failed several times.

What would they google – How to lose weight without joining a diet program. How to lose weight without exercising. How to lose weight when you work out of your house. How to lose weight when you don’t have a lot of time.

• Manage eating the way they manage their business – plan ahead of time.
• Manage thoughts to gain autonomy over their eating.
• Learn how to desire food less.

Does this sound viable? I had considered keeping it at solopreneurs who fit the above description, but then narrowed to freelance writers. Is that too narrow?