Feel disrespected by business partner, not sure how to proceed

Hi! Hoping you can coach me on some thoughts and a situation I’m having with my business partner, and give me some ideas on how to move forward – questions to ask myself, etc. Thanks!

Yesterday, we had a client we haven’t worked with in a year reach out to us about a last-minute project that needs to be completed by Jan 12.

My business partner doesn’t want to work between Dec 13 and Jan 2, she came up with a timeline that works for her and texted it to me yesterday.

I wrote her back via text and told her I am out of the office Dec 16 -Jan 6 — which has also been on our shared calendar for months, but that I could get started next week while I’m in the office. She went ahead and sent a timeline to the client saying we could start Jan 3.

Then today when we were discussing it on the phone, I reiterated again that I’m not back in the office until Jan 6 and she was surprised, as if she didn’t know. And then she told me that she could do the project by herself if I didn’t want to work on it while I was on holiday.

So I’m irritated that she didn’t take my schedule into account while working on this timeline for the client, and she completely disregarded the text I wrote her while we were discussing this yesterday. She made the timeline work for her, without regard to what might work for me. I don’t know whether this was intentional, or she just simply disregarded my texts yesterday, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I’m irritated and not sure how to proceed in terms of deciding what to do about the project . I have lots of thoughts, but what it all seemed to come down to is: she’s not treating me like an equal, or she’s not treating me like a partner

Here’s one of my models:
C – client project timeline that my partner created
T – She’s not treating me as a partner
F – disrespected
A – try to think my way out of the feeling, try to come up with a solution from a place of disempowerment and self-doubt (rather than thinking “what would work for me?”), not get anything else done, be irritated, berate myself for not standing up for myself,
R – ???? I’m not being a good partner to myself?

For reference, here a sample of thoughts from my TD:
This isn’t the kind of partnership I want
she’s not listening to me
even when I tell her what my needs are, she’s not listening to me
I’m disappointed
I feel like I have to do it her way or it’s not going to happen
She’s not honoring my value as a partner
I’m letting myself down by not speaking up
I’m not being heard
my opinion doesn’t matter
I should be speaking up louder (ie – I’m doing something wrong)
I’m not standing up for myself
I’m not being a good partner to myself

Thoughts, suggestions, etc?
thank you!