Feeling crappy

These days I have started to post 1 time a day on my LinkedIn and Facebook. Ever since I have posted more frequently, I get low engagements. I used to get 17-30 engagements in my post when I posted once a week.

Now I get 0-1 likes in my posts. I wanted to create all these social media posts to give value to my potential clients.

I feel so embarrassed and bad when my post doesn’t get so few likes. My thought is people really don’t want this.

I just feel so bad every time I post and then I have no engagements.

What do I really do? Do I post only once a week so I can have engagements or do I post everyday so I can keep giving value to my clients.

How do I be okay when my post gets cricket and I see other people get thousands of likes.

I feel like people will laugh at me when they see no engagements in my posts or that they won’t take me seriously to do business with me.