Feeling defeated

I just put so much work into creating a course. I invested a large sum of my money, and kept on taking action despite all of the curve balls being thrown my way.

This afternoon, we were in the final stages of setting up my course launch funnel, when I discovered that the country I live in does not support ‘stripe’ as an option. This forces me to only use PayPal, which I don’t mind but no card payments will be readily displayable on my sales page. Most of my audience uses credit card payments and hardly any of them use PayPal. There is an option to accept credit card payments via PayPal, but it is a long winded situation that doesn’t make the customer journey experience pleasant and requires the customer to sign up for PayPal first.

I just got off the phone with a developer who has helped me in the past; he said he took a look at it and has no possible solution to offer. Essentially if I launch, I have to use only PayPal as the option which is extremely limiting and will make me miss out on so many sales. I spoke to several other developers who informed me of the same story.

I feel like everything is working against me. I have spent months fearing and looking for this solution, to which there are no solutions available at this time . My fear has come true, and I’m trying to find answers but cant help but feel totally defeated. It just feels like I will never reach my goal. I’m trying to look for solutions, but each time I run into a dead end. I have been practicing ‘there is a solution and I will find it’ but each time I get hit by the same story. I have spent months researching, trying to find a solution to this problem in case it should arise, and now it’s here and I have no solution.

Please help coach me on this, I’m struggling to see the upside of it all!