Feeling envy – feeling less

I know testimonials are great selling tools. They used to inspire me and fuel me in believing it is possible.
However, after almost 2 years of starting my business and with income barely making enough to cover expenses I’m starting to doubt myself and all those testimonials.
Sometimes I feel they are a bunch of lies and those speaking are special unicorns.
Sometimes I feel it worked for them but not for me, therefore I’m a loser.
Overall I’m avoiding them and get mad when I hear the stories of success that others are accomplishing but not me.

C: Testimonials

T: I was not able to accomplish that, I’m a loser
F: Defeated
A: Avoid testimonials as they are a source of aggravation
R: Do my own things – far from my goals

I would like to get help with an intentional model that serves me, fuels me. I’m still working and testing and I know I won’t give up but I feel that I am doing it from scarcity recently.