Feeling extremely demotivated

Hi coaches,

I have been struggling these last couple of weeks to break my cycle. I am struggling to make 100K and keep on feeling more and more demotivated every day. I feel like I am more demotivated now than ever before. I try do thought work, but struggle to find thoughts that motivate me. I’m feeling very overwhelmed and stuck. I have so many options on what needs to be done and I just get overwhelmed. I’m trying to sign on 10 coaching clients, but not getting replies to my emails/ hopping on calls with people who are not good fits etc. I also recently tried out a launch that went horribly wrong. I am just trying to find clarity on what needs to be done, if I should try and refine my launch, or get new clients. I feel like I’m so confused and don’t know how to move forward.

I have so many ideas on how to move forward that I just get overwhelmed and don’t do anything. I end up buffering all day and am getting NOTHING done.

Please help coach me on this.