Feeling Lack!

My brain keeps going to my past to remind me that I won’t make money in my business. I re-created my niche and am focusing on ONE thing.

I set a goal last month and I did not meet it but instead of trying to berate myself I worked on celebrating that I gained clientele. I know that my results are because of my thoughts. I have struggled with the thought that working on my business is hard because I am learning a lot of new things that take time. I’ve managed to slowly get over that hump with help from my coaching sessions. I made the decision to have fun as best as I can while working on the business. This has definitely helped my attitude. I feel shame and embarrassment because I started offering my virtual services in March and have yet to reach my monthly income goal. My brain keeps telling me that maybe I am just not cut out to run a business. Even though I have these thoughts running in my head I keep plugging away but of course I know these will affect my results.

So here is my model:
C: Monthly client goal
T: Maybe I don’t have what it takes to make this goal
F: shame
A: listening to other podcasts and training’s to see if I am missing something, scouring social media for those in my field who appear to be doing it right. Buffer – scroll social media, eat, workout
R: Not moving forward

C: monthly client goal
T: I am working on my goal
F: Encouraged
A: stick to daily tasks and honor myself by completing them for my business, stop making excuses
R: working toward achieving my monthly goal

As always thank you!