Feeling like I need to buy yet another program to make money as a life coach

I feel like I need more information to make money as a life coach. I am at a point where I’ve been a life coach for 4 years and I am ready to step up my game to make it my full time job (my maternity leave is ending). I am investing everywhere and looking for the answers everywhere: here, on a course to do my branding message effectively and find my niche (which is still super confusing and unclear to me), on money mindset, inner-child work, etc. I am also part of a program where I paid 2K to have access to coaching for life in a Facebook Group and the coach is using the Model.

Still, I feel like I don’t know who my ideal client is, what I am good at and what should I focus on in my branding (aka who am I talking too, what is the specific result I can deliver, what is the problem I am solving). So my brain thinks that I need to invest in Stacey’s program 2K for 2K where she teaches us to make money as life coaches. Here is my model on that:

C: ?
T: I need to buy 2K for 2K to learn how to make money as a life coach, know exactly what to do
F: lack, not enough, afraid of investing even more money while I am currently not making any
A: Staying in confusion, wondering if this is the right call for me. Not taking actions to make money.
R: Not making money.

Can you help me gain clarity around this and explain to me what’s going on in my brain? Thanks!