Feeling overwhelmed and trouble with time management as a solopreneur

I am having trouble staying on track with my calendar. Every day additional tasks seem to emerge, often good opportunities such as invitations to participate in events or to meet with a fashion editor.

I am the founder and designer of an artisanal fashion brand and my daily tasks include hand-dying silks using a complicated and time consuming technique, handling production for dresses and made-to-order shoes, photo and video shoots (I am the model, photographer, and editor), retouching and editing photos and videos, content creation for social media channels and email newsletter, sales which require chatting with clients on social media, accounting, logistics and deliveries, etc.

My daily tasks seem to pile up. I rarely get everything done within my target time frames, which has an impact on other aspects of my business. For example, if there is a production delay because I need to take care of my son one afternoon, the photo shoot, content creation, and sales get delayed, too.

I cannot yet hire people as not making enough profit yet and plan to first invest in Facebook ads.

What is your advice to get everything done each week? I do the Monday Hour One method but every day there are extra tasks and opportunities that pop up and delay other things. Thank you very much for your insight!