Feeling overwhelmed by recent success

What a great problem to have right? I signed 3 coaching clients last month and two brand deals from my Tik Tok content creation. I also have two coaching consults today (one happened and it was a no) the other is about to happen. I am noticing feelings of overwhelm coming up. I’m kind of exhausted. I thought I’d be super excited, but to be honest I’m scared and I’m tired.

On the bright side this is inviting me to show up even greater, yet I notice I have less time to create the videos I love creating so much because I am more focused on my clients and selling coaching. I think I’m not prioritizing taking care of myself enough. Part of me believes I’m supposed to be ON and EXCITED whenever I’m with a client or on a consult, but the reality is that in this moment I’m not .. yet I KNOW I can still give to this person in front of me in the moment regardless of how I feel.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this but these are all the thoughts coming up:

-I’m gonna have to work more than ever before to keep growing in my success.
-I won’t have as much time to create the videos on Tik Tok I love (that are also bringing me money)
-If I don’t keep putting in work, my money will run out
-I don’t want to have to get a job again
-I’m scared to get in trouble with taxes .. I don’t know how any of that works I don’t even have an LLC or accountant

Just a lot of different things pulling my attention away from gratitude for my current circumstance. I’m scared truthfully, yet I know that this will skyrocket my growth.