Feeling Overwhelmed

Hi there!

I just signed up to start certification in September. At first, I was thrilled! My model(s) looked like this:

C: Made decision I will start a Life Coach business. Signed up for Life Coach Certification which begins in September.
T: I will make an amazing Life Coach. I can’t wait till September!
F: Excited, relieved, happy
A: Doing research on the “how” behind all my ideas for my business/new brand
R: (UH OH!!! Here’s where things go haywire!) I start feeling overwhelmed by everything I’ve now researched.

What started as a fun thought about this circumstance has now turned into a not-so-fun feeling in the R line that makes me spin.

The spinning sounds like…
I’m overwhelmed, where would I even start with my launch? There’s so much I want to do. I have so many ideas and I don’t know how to get them all done. I had a failing business before, I hope I don’t fail again. Even if I decided where to start, would I even feel comfortable launching before certification? What should I be doing between now and September? I still have clients from my other business that I don’t want to make feel abandoned and I still have a different full time job on top of that. I need to make a plan. Well shit… now I need to do models on all of these thoughts!

All of these thoughts ultimately leads to inaction, which then results in a back and forth of…

R1: Inaction feels fine since the decision to change careers is fairly new, and I don’t start certification until September.
R2: Inaction isn’t cute, so “LET’S GO” (in Brooke voice)

I think I may be overthinking this whole thing.
Help?! Ideas?