Feeling panic

I am responsible for growth for the business I work at. Our business goal is 20% for the year, my personal goal is to take us from $2m to $4m revenue. That goal excited me to start trying new things until our revenue started dropping below last year‘s, week over week. Now I’m panicked as often as excited.

C – goal is $4mm
T – Feb numbers are down from last year
F – Panic
A – obsess about what to do to fix it. Doubt ideas as not good enough to try, consider past results just luck and lose confidence, identify reasons I should switch careers, get stuck in overwhelm, buffer with sugar and scholars
R – I’m down compared to last year

Sometimes I think/act like this:

C – goal is $4mm
T – it’s almost March but that goal is not off the table, I’m all in
F – unstoppable
A – creative brainstorm, identify target market more clearly and tweak offer, identify other ways to reach my target, Take action everyday to see what works
R – I’m all in

Model 1 is beginning to rob me of model 2. Am I missing some thought or is it a matter of 50/50?