Feeling Resentful and Angry When Giving Value

I’m unsure if this falls under business… But I just finished a 6-Week Program with a client and offered to continue working with her afterwards in a monthly coaching program with me for $197/month. She said she would love to continue but can’t afford it. This just made me feel so resentful inside because I felt like I gave everything I could to her and the clients in my 6-Week Program. I felt like I was giving value, I was listening to their input, and I was helping them every single day in the Facebook group.

I know this sounds selfish as I can’t expect all clients to just throw money at me, but I guess I feel like I worked so hard “for nothing” and feel so caught up with this expectation or manual for my client of her paying me.

I don’t want to run a business this way, but I find it challenging at the moment to feel happy about this situation… What should I do?