Feeling resentment


I am a business coach and at this moment I help coaches to build their business. I do this in a small high end group.

I am doing this several years and made 100K from the 1st year, so I do know how to make money.

Recently, I have many customers who are on the monthly payment plan, who are not keeping their commitment. Invoices stay unpaid and my team and I feel as if we are always chasing customers.

So I notice I feel resentment.


C: unpaid invoices
T: what is the point of making money if I don’t receive it
F: resenftul
A: inaction because I don’t want more drama
R : not growing nor reaching my goals

intentional model

C: unpaid invoices
T: I have my policy in place, this happens to all entrepreneurs and they are still the minority of my customers
F: grateful for the customers that pay in full
A: focus on reaching these
R: growing my business and reaching my goals

The thing is that due of this I started to question my niche and my messaging and asking myself if I have to change it because I don’t like working with customers like this. Or is that just my thinking that I have to change?

tx already for the help to clarify this