Feeling stuck with low-paying clients: Part 2

I wanted to explore the answer to my question about little further so I can better understand. Part of the reply was:

“You also think, “I can’t drop this client because I need the money.”

But you can drop the client. You don’t want to drop the client because you want the money.

You are not forced to keep the client. You are choosing it.”

Is there a difference between The reality of needing money and wanting money? I originally said I “needed” the money because I have bills to pay. I suppose I pay the bills because I want to rather than have to, since I pay them because I like having electricity and a home to live in.

But to pay those most essential bills I need money. Right now that money comes from low paying clients. I could drop all of them so that I could devote all my time to finding better clients, but that doesn’t seem wise and seems like more of a gamble because it could take longer than expected to find clients and then I wouldn’t have any money to pay my bills.

If I cut just some of my clients, then I still can’t pay my bills. So, my time is taken up by them and I don’t move forward.

I’d love for you to further explain your reply so I can grasp the concept better.