Feeling Stuck

My goal for month end is to get 10 clients signed up. I currently have 5 clients, and month end is in around 5 days. I have sent countless DMs, emails etc. trying to get some people on a discovery call with me.

The first batch of DMs I sent out, loads of people booked, but the second and the third time hardly anyone booked. I’m trying to analyze what I can learn from it and people not really booking the second and third time round (I sent it to different people on each batch) and figure out why the first batch so many did, and now no one is.

I cant seem to find any reason as I’m sending out the same message, just to different batches of people! I’m feeling so discouraged and confused and wonder if I should even continue sending out DMs, or if I’m doing something horribly wrong?

I’m feeling stuck on where to find these clients and starting to feel like giving up because its already almost month end and I have no calls booked this week! I feel so stuck and so confused.

Please help!