Finding a niche

Hi, I’m struggling with finding a niche and have three concerns around that issue. I am a male and am thinking that men don’t often seek out coaching. I could either view it as an untapped market or as a difficult one to achieve given men’s resistance. I thought that I would reach out to males, 45-54, who find themselves struggling in the middle age years with mediocre careers, challenges at home, and generally not finding excitement in life anymore. But then I think about whether men would get past their pride to seek out help, much less pay for it. Just bad thinking?

I thought about helping males between 18-34 who are contemplating careers and starting families but am concerned, especially for the younger ages, about their ability to pay.

Finally, is it not a good idea to develop a niche around a specific topic rather than a particular demographic? – For example, coaching anyone who is trying to discover their life purpose or specifically do relationship coaching, or coaching people who have undergone trauma and are having difficulties adjusting, etc.

Thanks for your help.