Finding Clients – Overcoming indecision & lack of action

Hi there!

I am a new coach and I am now looking for clients. I’ve never had any. I’m searching for anyone that will let me coach them since I am new. I am going to do marketing online (mainly through Facebook and meetup) because that seems to be the best option given the circumstances right now. I just took Stacey Boehman’s masterclass on “how to sell anything” and I know I just need to show up, make valuable offers I believe in, and assess how it goes. My offer to people is ” I help people manage their mindset to reduce stress and start taking action.”

The irony of that is, now I’m having trouble just ripping off the bandaid. I’ve done it so many times in the past with other things and I know that the only way I will succeed is if I just try it. If I just put myself out there. I keep dwelling in indecision. I pretend like I don’t know what to do next. To do a FB live or not to do a FB live. I’ve done coaching on this. I’m scared of rejection or judgment. Even when rejection means I learn something and judgment just means people are paying attention. I tried the model of:

C: People may reject or judge my offers to help them on Facebook and Meetup.
T: The more people that reject me, the more I learn and improve my selling. The more people that judge me means the more exposure I’ve gotten.
F: Excited to be rejected and judged.
A: Make a decisive plan to make as many offers as possible.
R: I improve my sales strategy by trial and error and start to be successful when making offers.

This model is great in theory. Yet here I am, sitting in fear still. Any input on this model would be great. Maybe a different bridge thought since I am not truly excited to feel judged and rejected. Or maybe just tips on how to take action despite being scared. How to feel fear and do it anyway? Thank you!