Finding My Niche Clients

I joined Scholars this December because I need to learn my thinking around how to start a coaching business for nurses that want to lose weight. After completing the Niche Worksheet I have identified my market as female nurses working in operating rooms in southeastern Pennsylvania who want to lose weight; they are emotional eaters, have children, don’t exercise regularly, have failed multiple diets, are surrounded by poor examples of healthy lifestyles, and are looking for a permanent solution. I have done an online search of nurses wanting to lose weight and have found few examples. However, in the past two weeks I have started offering free classes to my operating room co-workers and everyone I work with is onboard with me. I’m using my workplace to develop my classes and get feedback on their needs and the class effectiveness.

My question is: If there is little demand for this niche market online should I pick a different market or does this mean I have room to grow my business?