Finding my submarket, and finding a compelling way to marry my two businesses. (or narrow my businesses down?)

Hi, I’m new to Scholars and am super excited to tap into your brains. 🙂 I left a corporate career in science and law to become a Pilates practitioner and board-certified health and wellness coach. In 2019, two months after resigning, I had the opportunity to take over a very small Pilates studio. So before the dust had settled, I became an entrepreneur and studio owner. That first year in business, I spent a lot of time getting the studio up and running smoothly (a 1-person studio, no other instructors) and passing the Boards for wellness coaching. I coached a few women in wellness, but had not been marketing my coaching in earnest.
In 2020, my studio became virtual. And I started promoting myself as a coach more.
But this entire time, I have been running two separate businesses. As a holistic coach, I see the connection between mind-body, reducing stress and held tension in the body, as a way for lasting weight loss, practicing consistent care, and making themselves a priority. But I don’t think I’m explaining this in a way that is compelling yet.

I’m unsure about my offer. If it’s coaching with an option for Pilates, or if I should make it comprehensive and include both. I can see how this is confusing for potential clients too. If anything, I sell them on Pilates more than coaching. So, after filling out the niche form, here’s what I have:

1/ category: health
2/ submarket (here’s where I’m getting tripped up): I don’t consider myself a weight loss coach, and yet that is what women are there for.  (Weight loss, strengthening, relaxation, and consistency. and being led by an expert. So main words: overwhelmed, stressed, burnout. AND Pilates? do I market to women who love Pilates? This seems like a strange niche to me. I’d love your wisdom here.

3/ Google search: how can I get out of burnout? why can’t I lose weight? Pilates studios near me . How to fix/heal back pain?
4/ What is your solution to their problem and why is it compelling?:
I teach you how to lose weight while ditching the rules you’ve been taught about diet and exercise. This gets to be simple.
I teach you how to feel better in your body / have more energy/ by consistently showing up for yourself, reconnecting with your body, without adding to the
overwork. (You already have enough of that.)