Finishing webinar project

I am implementing a webinar funnel. I have a webinar I have previously used so I laid out a plan to update it. As I am going through my Monday Hour One tasks on the webinar, I am not constraining to time limits because I am finding the webinar to be much more out of date than I thought it was. I have now been working on the webinar for much longer than I planned to.

Thought download: I don’t want to work on this webinar. It’s never going to be done. It’s too much work. I want a day off from this. I want this webinar to be done. This is a much bigger project than I anticipated, I am overwhelmed with everything I have to do, my other work is not getting done. I am not going to make my self-imposed deadline if I don’t keep working on this.

C webinar project
T I want this to be finished
F committed
A put off other commitments, work over my time constraints, not do personal tasks
R webinar is finished at expense of other tasks and commitments

I’m not sure what thought will best serve me. I do not want the results that I’m not finishing other commitments. I do not want the webinar project to take exponentially longer than it should.