First Pass Niche Question


As a coach, I would like to help women in their early 30s.

She is a stay at home wife and mother, married to a Physician with Medical School debt.

He has just finished his training and started a new attending position.

This position comes with a significant increase in salary.

She is responsible for the family finances, and must navigate for the first time the responsibility of repaying significant debt while balancing the need to begin building wealth.

The goal the couple is trying to achieve is Financial Independence

The problem I will help her solve is how to live in this new reality of higher income but also with the added responsibility of fast debt pay down and a building a foundation for future wealth. (Most physicians aren’t able to begin saving in any significant way for retirement until they complete training. )

I will help her manage her mind around money, lifestyle expectations and the manual around how a physician’s family lives.

Your feedback and direction are appreciated.