First step toward first $18k

Two years ago I wanted to start coaching other lawyers, but futzed around and never got it off the ground. (Lots of drama about getting guys to finish my website and feeling helpless to make my own damn site.) Then I signed up for coach training here (for the class that begins March 2020) and set the goal to make back the first $18k before the coach training starts (day before my birthday)! I just think that would be so amazing to start from that place.

Yesterday I was feeling stymied that my website guy hadn’t yet finished my sales page yet, but today I realized that was an excuse. Not wanting to even sniff at the drama that stopped me last time, I took matters into my own hands. I pasted the sales copy into a blog post on my existing business page, created a facebook account for the sole purpose of using it for ads (I don’t do social media in my personal life) and paid for an ad that will link to this “temporary home” for my sales page. I don’t have a list builder yet, but if potential clients fill out my existing form, I can email them the freebie I created.

I just did more in two hours than I did in two years prior to today to actually get a coaching business going. Holy cow. Thank you to Corinne — yesterday I listened to a replay of the business coaching call, and pretty much everyone who got coached had got nuggets from Corinne that helped me too. This is happening!