First steps of IG

First day of SCHOLARS, Weee!

I’m a Brooke podcast junkie and had an IG of making 100k by the time I’m 30 (5 years)

Now, that seems boring and like I can take 4 years to buffer. I want to take massive and immediate action.

I now have an IG of making 100k in 1 year.

I have seen alot of IG energy around making uncapped income by being a life coach. I love that option and opportunity but at 25 I am worried that I will not be taken seriously…. ( I understand this thought is in my control) I eventually would LOVE to become a life coach but I truly feel this is not the right season of my life for that pivot.  I have a lot of work to do on myself and being the best version of me first.

So here I am faced with this impossible goal of making 100k in 12 months. The jobs I’m applying to are entry level 30k- 50k per year so this extra 50k – 70k would come from a side business.

My problem is I don’t know what to pursue , where to focus, how to make this IG a reality?