First Time Coaching A Client

Hi Brooke and Coaches!

So this is SUPER exciting! A friend and workout buddy reached out to me because she knows I teach Yoga & Meditation as well as Mental and Emotional Management. She knows that I do private lessons. She knows my story and how Brooke’s podcast helped me transform my life.

I met with her today to learn more about the areas in which she wants to work on and I have some questions.

First, my plan is to offer her a 4 to 6 week one on one program where I incorporate both my Meditation techniques as well as incorporate this work (the model) She is 36 (I’m 37) and she also went through a breakup, a move and feeling blah from just going to work, working out and coming home. She sees a therapist and takes medication for her anxiety. We talked about therapy and coaching and she’s on board with this work because she sees how I’ve taken myself into a strong, confident version of me.

I told her that I think she should pick one goal or one area of focus (because there is worry, anxiety and being negative which are all just broad emotions…too broad) and she came back with wanting to feel more confident. Wanting to “just be.” She has some anxiety and places a lot of her happiness in others and circumstances. Ultimately she wants to feel good no matter what happens outside of her or no matter who is in her life or who isn’t.

I want her to get specific because I want to design something that will have her say “Yes! I am so glad that I signed up for this!”

What do you think? How would you go about this? She can meet every other week starting in the summer.

I am charging her $100 per lesson (my private Yoga & Meditation is priced at $125, but I am new and well worth it 😉


Thank you for your thoughts and feedback!