Focus and Grow Audience

I am at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey as a life coach and I understand that I need to grow my audience. I am an introvert and I don’t have a big friends’ list or following on any social media. Meaning that everything which is people-related is stressing me. I enjoy coaching, but I cannot find a way to grow the audience where I would be more sure of my capacities.

I am happy to take one way to grow the audience, but I get lost in choice and always feel inadequate. I don’t know whom I am talking to. How they would find me? I tried FB ads, but just got one lead who is not ready to pay my price and all the other ones didn’t respond to the follow-up emails.

So this being said, I prefer to ‘spend’ time and energy on my website’s aesthetics rather than more important stuff. I intellectually understand the problem, but I cannot find a thought to get me out of the loop. HELP.