Focus more? Safety in numbers?

I sell online courses and my impossible goal for 2019 is to have revenue of $100K.
My question is about how to focus my efforts for the first quarter. People from my target market are not that wealthy, so to reach my goal I really have to sell MANY online courses. I try to make it easier for people to buy from me by offering 3 courses. One will sell for about $70 and the other two for about $100 each. It is important that I offer these courses in January, as the new academic year for the people I serve starts then and they are most likely to buy at that time of the year.
However, that means I have to do everything 3 times: give 3 webinars, run 3 Facebook ad campaigns, write 3 follow-up email sequences. I don’t mind doing the work, most of the prep work is in any case done already, but I was wondering if I am I confusing potential clients by having so many options?