Focus On One Or Keep Dabble In Both?

Hi, I have two paths happening right now. One is a sketching club in my local town where I host classes twice a week on sketching and drawing. The group is growing well without much effort, I enjoy teaching the classes, and I make money from it.

I have another group that focuses on women entrepreneurs. I host coffee meetups and workshops. It’s also growing well (not as much as the sketch club), I enjoy hosting the meetings, and it gives me many referrals for my actual business (web design).

Both groups add value and I enjoy them. There are aspects I love about both. I feel as though I’m helping so many entrepreneurs connect and giving so much advice to people. In the sketch club I get to create art, teach people my trade, and also create genuine connection. I struggle with viewing the sketch club as needed or important as it is “simply art” despite the fact that people are joining everyday and pay me money to host these clubs. I don’t see or am choosing not to see how the sketch club could ever be a sustainable or profitable business. The entrepreneur club seems likes it’s more of the socially appropriate path.

So my question is, should I continue with both for now? Or focus in on one niche. It’s beginning to be more work than I can manage. I would like to drop web design eventually and move into one of these groups as my career. I am also 24 so I want to keep my options open. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.