Focus Work Fail

I’ve been fully immersed in Monday Hour One calendaring. This week, 3 out of 4 Focus Work times I accomplished what I set out to do for my new business. I’ve been getting up at 5am to do this before my day job! I’ve been so proud and feeling fulfilled.

Today, I lost the thread. I had put it in my calendar for this morning to write 3 emails asking people to hire me. But yesterday, I did a version of that over the course of the day. I also hadn’t taken this class yet that would give me tips on writing emails making the ask, so I changed what I was going to do for Focus Work and started on my lead magnet. However, I wasn’t coming up with any good ideas. I felt unfocused and frustrated and just kept trying, instead of doing a thought download to see what was going on.

Then this afternoon, after work, I got completely obsessed with trying to capture the perfect photo for my website. I’m in it, and I took 56 photos before I got one I thought looked okay. SO MANY NEGATIVE thoughts about how I’m photographing so much worse than I used to and it will only get worse as I keep getting older.

I had planned to enjoy my afternoon relaxing, but instead I kept obsessively working on the photo and the website. Ugh. Now I feel very angry at myself and I’m taking it out on my husband.

Talk about a spiral! I actually kind of love that this is happening because it’s showing me all the spots I need to see. But where should I start! Lol