Focusing on my past fails

It’s been around 8 months since I started telling people that I am a life coach. These months have been all about figuring out things. I would say I have made so much progress from the first month till now but I have not signed any paying clients yet.

My brain is telling me that I haven’t made as much progress that I expected to make. Or the progress I have made so far is not enough. I even don’t know don’t exactly what progress I’ve made.

Now I am in a state of feeling defeated, complacent and not much belief in myself. I think its because no matter what I do I never feel like its enough. I keep procastinating. I can’t get myself out of procastination and buffering and then I feel more bad.

Idk my thought is I won’t be able to make money. Or that it is hard. There is so many things to figure out. People don’t want to work with me.