Focusing On One Program At A Time

Hi Brooke!

I just want to say how helpful it is to be connected with you here (and I can’t wait for In-Person Training in August/September)

Just to refresh since I know you get a lot of people sharing their story and asking questions, I am currently teaching Yoga & Meditation at companies, a great point of entry. Not where I intend on “ending up.” I look at it like a science lab for the evolution of my teaching and business. I created a quarterly Mindfulness Training and have given myself specific financial targets so that I can pay for the In-Person Training. Invest in myself by doing the actual work that it takes to do the actual work I want to do! haha I hope that made sense 🙂 It’s my thought I am practicing believing for the month of March (that I am earning the money for the In-Person Training via teaching)

Now my question is, if I were to create a 6-8 week program, my first thought was to just focus on Meditation/Mindfulness and Coaching, however, I realized that if my Niche or Ideal Client is a woman (or man) brand new to this practice or have very little experience with it and are looking to understand it and apply it for themselves so that they can feel better, and I know how to teach movement, do I want to offer 2 different programs?

One – Meditation/Mindfulness and Coaching
Two- Movement (Yoga, the other style I teach which includes functional movement, higher intensity body weight exercises)

Right now, I would be more equipped to work on just the Meditation/Mindfulness piece and my gut is to just focus on this one program before adding anymore. What do you think? The reason why I think that is because I don’t have an ideal space yet for myself (eventually I want one in my home on the ocean, how nice?!) Right now I am just teaching at lots of places and use my iPhone to film little videos.

Long term – I have LOTS of ideas around building a community and membership site with rewards etc. that would include Movement/Mind/Nourishment and Support/Group/Community. I want to run challenges and really build an engaging experience/tribe.

The other side of this is wanting to create a methodology and train other teachers/coaches to teach the work that I develop (kind of like the Life Coach School and the model and where you specialize in working with clients and coaches) I really love both and want to do both. Measurable. Repeatable. Scalable. I had a family emergency with my Dad (he’s okay, but is out of the hospital now) and I am taking care of him. Between that and the snow, when I don’t physically teach, I don’t get paid. That will change as a result of this work. Just like realizing that yoga studios wasn’t sufficient or efficient to focus on.

THEN…There’s this in the back of my mind…I want to teach other school teachers Meditation and Mindfulness so that they can teach it in their schools. There is a massive pool of teachers and there is a need for meditation and mindfulness in schools and it’s growing. I would want to blend the Meditation/Mindfulness and Coaching. Knowing what I do about income, I would want to make this affordable and a no-brainer for Teachers to sign up for.

Gut says to begin with where I am right now and go from there versus going for the school idea.

I am giving myself permission to explore all that rings true to me. Once I make a decision to commit, all of my energy and focus is on that, so I am looking to decide on this first step with my 6-8 week program, since there’s a lot I am involved in: current clients, getting new clients, delivering on my trainings and being part of SCS/developing a bigger program as a result…becoming a phenomenal coach etc.)

It helps having someone (as well as your coaches and team) with as much experience and wisdom to share in this with! As well as being able to “participate” in the calls. I love how “human” every one is. Thank you for your thoughts and feedback.

Much love and gratitude,