Follow-up from Krista’s amazing biz coaching yesterday

Krista coached me yesterday and I got so much out of it! 👏

Here is my homework from that session. I’m in the muck for sure.

Unintentional —
C: I know lawyers.
T: “they might think I am unethical for selling coaching.”
F: mortified
A: second-guess all my marketing. Avoid telling lawyers in my existing network that I am a coach. Spend money and time on the precise wording of FB ads, Instagram posts and my website.
R: not getting many consults. It’s interesting I have had the most sessions with someone from Zimbabwe where nobody knows me (except one person now)!

I found this model after doing work to uncover what is the worst possible feeling in life. “Falsely accused” was my answer.

Intentional model (can’t get much further than this at the moment.)
C: I know lawyers.
T: some of them will be very receptive to how I can help them.
F: willing
A: still carefully pick my words, but start letting lawyers in my current network know that I am a coach and can help.
R: get consults.

I believe in my offer, but I’ve got this other unintentional model going on that goes like this:

C: I am a lawyer
T: I can’t have it be made public that I’m into personal growth and some woo because I’ll get in trouble somehow or it will undermine my credibility.
F: scared
A: hold back. Everywhere! Keep a tight lid on how the public sees me. Started coaching in 2017 but stopped for two years. Focus on advertising to lawyers outside my network so maybe the local ones won’t find out.
R: nobody sees what I have to offer and so naturally they don’t buy.

Yuck. I could use some help with some bridge thoughts. I’m obviously more willing to feel discomfort and turn people off than I used to be, because I’m in certification, I’m back on Instagram, I have a website and have gotten some paid and free clients, but THIS fear is what’s holding me back. I know this is where my power will be too. I would love to be everyone’s go-to coach even here in my home state, and in my practice area nationwide.

Gulp! Help. Thank you. ❤️