Follow up on Mentor Question

I did not write the original question about asking a more experienced person to be my mentor, but I’ve had a similar idea before so I’d love to do a little follow up on your answer. I appreciated your insights….

What can you find to support this thought:
“I have so much value to offer as a mentee.”
If you look for it, you can find it.

To help us all brainstorm what some of that value is, I’ve come up with…
The value I offer is:
– a curious mind
– a person who brings an outsider’s fresh perspective
– an enthusiastic brainstormer
– a background in XX (finance, X industry etc)
– experience in XX (marketing, social media, writing etc)
– a person you can bounce ideas off of and I will share direct, honest feedback

I’d love to hear any other suggestions by a coach! I’m sure I’m missing some.
Thank you!