Follow up on podcasts and driving traffic

I was scrolling through some previously answered questions and noticed you don’t recommend coaches start podcasts until after hitting the $100k mark. I was also listening to Brooke’s How to be a Life Coach podcast earlier and she mentioned it’s a good idea to start running webinars *after* you have clients. Podcasts and webinars both seem to be great ways to drive traffic, connect with my audience, and build know/like/trust, which all seem to be things I need to do *before* getting clients. What is the best way to get clients starting from zero without either of these tools? I’m in the process of experimenting with my freebies and funnels to build my list and book mini sessions, and I work full time in my niche-ish (weight loss coaching for a start up rather than for myself, but still practicing my coaching all day)…I feel like I’m finding my voice and honing my skills, I just want to offer the best value to build up my audience and convert them to paying clients!