Follow up to exhaustion post

I read the response to the exhaustion post.
Very interesting.

(It wasn’t my post)

I work with people who are burned out or tired. They don’t think they are burned out or tired, they think they are weak and need to do more.

They have thoughts driving them.

So they further deplete themselves.

I show them the possibility of what it feels like to feel differently.

That new possibility changes their thought. Even for a moment.

I’m rambling a bit here, but the ah ha is that exhaustion and tired are a physical and a physiological state that are real.

And, they are fuelled by thinking.

You may not be able to change the thinking directly at the T line, but there are A line actions that can lead to R line results that then open the door to new T thoughts.

What I’m also considering as I blend the Model with my work is that it is important is to be able to get quiet or present enough to feel the emotion that is the result of the thought.

Because the emotion drives the action.

I’m excited with this tool. Not sure if I am on the right track with how I am thinking about it

Feedback please.