Follow up to last post

Below is my last post regarding my niche and the question I was asked.
After doing a little research on the Google machine it is estimated that there are just over 16,000 or .005% of the US population is a Transgender woman. So with this information my first thought is that, I don’t know if this is enough people, and with that thought comes the thought that maybe my niche is to specific.
My search did not include age ranges so it was only those that have reported as being Trans. It also did not take into account any Fortune 500 professionals. I feel including these parameters will shorten this list drastically. Should I expand my niche and make it less specific? My original niche was simply to help overweight Trans individuals whether male or female.

Original post
Ok, so I have revised my niche. I know have that I want to market to:

Fortune 500 Professional Transgender women aged 30-40, who are overweight due to emotional overeating

Is this specific enough? I feel really good about it and I feel that it is specific.

Yes, it does sounds specific. The next thing you’ll want to consider is finding out where they hang out in order to know where to market to them.