Food Photography and Narrowing my Niche

Hello, Brooke,

*this is a repost from the general question area, because apparently i can’t read instructions before posting* 🙂

My question is about finding and honing in on my target market for my business. I am currently trying to segway over into my own food styling and photography business. Part of my business also involves Marketing for Restaurants and Food Businesses. I do both, and really feel that professional food photography is marketing when done for food businesses, but, not sure if that makes sense or if I’m just having a hard time letting go of one of those.

I’m having a hell of a time narrowing my target market down beyond that, and it’s mainly because of a LOT of feedback I’ve gotten about how many food photos there are out there and how people just don’t feel like they need to pay for food photography these days.

So, a couple of things… is taking that very real consideration (the one about there being so many food images online for people to use, and everyone is a photographer these days because of amazingly advanced cell phone cameras) into account me being realistic, or is that my brain trying to sabotage me? Because, I honestly understand how people think that way, I do as well!

What I would like to try and spin is that, yes there are a lot of photos out there, which means it’s even more important that yours are true to brand and that they stand out.

Second, I am currently trying to figure out of I should narrow the focus of my audience even more. Right now I am pitching or have worked with all of the following:

Nutritionists on their website and for their social media pages
Food bloggers and cook book authors
Food publications (like Saveur Magazine, etc…)
Food product small companies

I am very passionate about healthy eating, farm to table concept, and chef driven restaurants. I’m also not interested in working with chain restaurants. I have found that I am particularly good at taking photos for commercial use, and for smaller companies that sell or use produce in their products. I’m just not at all convinced or confident that that is a large enough market to sell to.

So, do you have any thoughts or advice about what I am doing so far, and how I might be able to create a really cool and more focused target market from all that I’ve shared with you?

Thanks so much for your help!