Formula for Value Creation Question

Brooke, thank you for the Formula for Value Creation video. I found it helpful as I am working on figuring out what value I can offer to my clients. It was also helpful to know that this is the process that helped create the content offered at SCS. I wrote down the six point outline and tried to brainstorm everything I know about my solution but my brain went “blank.” My brain is really getting on my nerves (lol) and it feels super frustrating. During this exercise, I noticed all of the negative “peanut chatter” on what I was writing down and about the writing itself! I want to move people and I know how important it is to write something compelling that will capture my clients attention. My brain keeps doubting and questioning what I’m doing and this awareness is what is inspiring me to pay attention to the chatter but not allow it to stop me from moving forward. One small step at a time!