Freaking out (in a very bad way) about Facebook Ads

I just watched a master class by Claire Pelletreau about Facebook Ads. And now I have five days to decide if I want to buy the program at the special price she is offering. I have never done Facebook Ads before and have no idea how to do it, so if I want to use FB ads I need some training.
But … my brain is telling me that I will never make the money back. Paying for Claire’s course is just the beginning of some serious spending. Some of Claire’s students are crazy happy paying $1 per lead via a Facebook Ad. You have to pay to get leads? Up to this point I relied solely on organic traffic to get people onto my list.
However, I think it’s is time for me to level up. That $-number in my R-line? Not so good.
But my brain is freaking out and is yelling at me that we can stay safely in the cave of getting traffic organically. We don’t need this FB stuff. It sounds very complicated too.
I could really use some perspective here, please.