Free coaching

So a while ago (4 months back) I offered 10 weeks coaching for new female entrepreneurs.

It was my first time coaching people (I didn’t have much experience and confidence and no certification) but I still did it. I messed up many calls but some went great. The reason I did that was to build my belief that I am a coach.

I have already finished coaching all those women. Many of them dropped out during the call.

My plan was to then focus on marketing after I finish the free coaching. So far I haven’t signed any paying client from the content I create.

I am thinking of offering free coaching again because now I do have more experience on how to coach. I don’t have much on my calendar so I am thinking of working with 35 women so I can improve coaching skills, have many different ideas to create social media posts.

I love coaching. I don’t mind offering free coaching especially when I am just starting out and haven’t made any money.

What I am hesitant is I kind of feel like a failure. I thought I was going to sign paying clients by now and the thought of going back to offering free coaching makes me think I didn’t do well.

My thought is my past clients would have a thought, she doesn’t value her coaching. She hasn’t made any progress in her business. Why does she offer so much free coaching.

I kind of feel embarrassed of posting that I am offering free coaching because of what I am making it mean.

But I do want to offer because I don’t have much on my calendar and I want to have the feeling of fully booked and improve my content which would help me sign paying clients.