Free consult vs. free coaching call

What exactly happens in a consultation? Is there coaching that happens inside it?

I had been doing ongoing free coaching sessions and then recently switched to paid single sessions (which I informed current clients about at the end of our coaching session) and then later paid packages (which I emailed all previous and current clients about). So I have actually never done a full consultation session before and I’m wondering what exactly it entails.

I’m currently offering one-hour free coaching for a client’s first time and since I haven’t had a new client since starting the paid model, I’m thinking about if it makes sense to add in that free hour I’m offering – for example: still one hour coaching for free and quickly mention my package at the end? or some coaching and then doing a consultation? or just making it a full consultation?

Making it a full consultation makes sense because
(1a) I do want to offer my package and a chance for objections to come up and coach on them, and
(1b) I want a client to know going into it that it is a consultation

Keeping it as a one hour coaching session makes sense because
(2a) I can offer value and they can see what they would be getting
(2b) I can mention my offer at the end and offer a 30 min consultation separately at a different time if they choose to do that.

The thoughts that I am currently choosing to think about this situation are:
(1) How can clients know what the value of coaching with me is if they don’t have experience coaching with me?
(1) I don’t know what happens in a consultation call.
(1) I want to do consultations but I’m worried that I won’t get any clients if they don’t see the value of coaching with me first.
(2) It’s a lot to ask clients to make two commitments.

I understand (intellectually, clearly not emotionally at this stage!) that everything is 50/50 and that I will need to test things out and choose one and just go, but I’m hoping for some feedback on what happens in a consult call usually and if you are seeing something here that I am not.

Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂