Freezing at the thought of charging the amount I want

I’m a photographer and I’m wanting to charge $2,000 for a shoot. The price for the entire shoot. The thing is I can see when I run the number it’s the right amount, but for whatever reason I hesitate in offering it at that price. Something keeps pulling me back. I can feel confident in everything else I do but that price…I freeze up every time. If I do a wedding, I don’t freeze and I do charge more. But if I do a shoot it’s like my mind isn’t convinced that I should charge that much. I have thoughts like: they’ll never pay that, it’s too much, if you charge that they’ll say no and you’ll lose the shoot. I’ve done models to try and poke holes in these thoughts. I’ve tried to change these thoughts many times but every time I just keep coming back to them. Mainly the thought “if you tell them that price they’ll say no and you’ll lose the shoot.” Any help or bridge thoughts you could offer me to start to turn these thoughts around would be very helpful.