From biz coach to weight coach in same niche

I am about to start LCS to get certified in March and I’m already a certified clinical nutritionist and business coach. My focus over the last few years has been on business coaching, and now I want to make the total transition to life coaching with the focus on weight management for my specific niche which are artists and makers.

Over the past 3 years my audience knows me as a business coach and a teacher of designing techniques, NOT weight loss and nutrition, My crazy fear – if I start having the “new conversation” with my audience, sharing this new path that I’m going on with my coaching programs, and how we can “transcend urges etc., with our craft” might seem so out of left field, silly, strange, and my audience left wondering: “I signed up for a graphic design course and now she’s talking about weight loss. Huh?” Is this a limiting belief, or is this a situation, that if I open the door and figure out how to introduce this in a cohesive way that this could totally work?