Fulfillment Question…

Quick Question: What is your opinion on how fulfillment of training is delivered? I had, in my head, the thought that I needed to do a professional-looking Keynote presentation in my videos (because I’m charging $5K) – along with the interactive coaching my clients will receive. So I outlined all of my modules – and I’m now doing separate Keynote slide decks for each module. I’ve done this before for various offers in my previous business – but it’s always been a long process of getting the text, graphics, design, etc. finished. It takes me way more time to deliver content this way – than just speaking to the camera.

I love to research and learn. I enjoy outlining trainings. I like putting together worksheets and checklists. And I love speaking and training on what I’ve learned. But creating the slides is not my favorite. Since I’ve already started and I’m about 3 modules in, I’m committing to finishing the rest in the same way. However, in reviewing how you, Tony Robbins, and other trainers present information – it’s mostly voice (audio and/or video) presentations – backed up with a worksheet, outline, etc. I’m wondering if I’m merely frustrating myself by feeling the need to create these slide decks – when the same content could be delivered by me simply talking to the camera for each module. (And, in reality, aren’t people more focused on their results – and not how training is delivered? i.e.)

I just saw a new Dan Sullivan training about focusing most of your time on what’s fascinating to you… and delegate what’s irritating (because what irritates you may fascinate someone else) … and I’m thinking that while there are necessary parts of my business that may irritate me – I’m not sure that building these highly-designed slides for my modules is required – even if I’m selling a high-ticket coaching program. So I’m wondering what your thoughts are on how you deliver coaching for these high-ticket programs. Thanks, Brooke! 🙂