Full belief

I have truly for the FIRST time been stepping into the belief that I am able to sign 3 clients by the end of this week.
So far, I have signed one and have two discovery calls. I feel it in my bones that it is going to happen. I haven’t even needed to do much self coaching on this, because I just feel it.

I showed up to the second discovery call feeling confident and curious, and I really spoke about the program from my heart. The potential client was completely sold until I told her that it is $450 per month for a 6-month commitment. She said that her wedding is coming up and she needs to save for it and is not sure if it will be financially feasible. Usually, I would have accepted this, BUT because I truly believe my price is a bargain I showed her how this should be a priority for her wedding as I am giving her the true feeling of confidence and feeling good in her skin.

She ended the call by saying that she needs to think about it and will get back to me.

While I am still feeling calm and thinking to myself “she will be back,” a part of me feels a little disappointed.

What happens when you’re in full belief that the client will sign, and they don’t? While I do know she is ‘still getting back to me’ and hasn’t said no, most of the people who say yes, say it on the call. Those who say that they will get back to me don’t and don’t sign on. I have never had a client who has not been sold on the call sign on after when they said they would ‘get back to me.’

What my brain makes that mean is that I have no control over my client and if they sign on.